10 Best Bookmakers With Highest Odds in Nigeria

10 Best Bookmakers With Highest Odds in Nigeria

Nigerian punters have a wide array of options when it comes to deciding on which platform they want to bet.

There are numerous sites, mobile and desktop apps currently available and it is honestly quite hard for a person, especially someone who is only a beginner, to make sense out of all of them.

Fear not, though because in this article we have compiled all of the top bookmakers with highest odds in Nigeria. So that it will be exponentially easier for you to decide which platform is the best.


The oldest Nigerian sports betting platform, Bet9ja, has proven itself to be a reliable and very fair bookmaker. The fact that they are still present in the industry is quite impressive.

They have achieved such success due to their highly advantageous, incredibly high odds, and fantastic promotions, such as the free first deposit bonus.


A relatively young Nigerian betting company, Wazobet offers its customers a sleekly designed website with lots and lots of bonuses and promotions. It is extremely simple to use, and what is most important for us is that its odds are among the highest there are as well. Overall, a solid choice for a bookie.


The fact that bet365 has become the largest sportsbook in the world is not by chance. Their arduous journey began in England, but since then, several factors have made them into what they are today. The first is their superb service quality and generous offerings of promos and bonuses, and the second is their truly high odds.

If you are looking for a bookie who has proven itself to be reliable but who still does not shun away from improvement, Bet365 is an excellent candidate. 


A true king of Nigeria’s betting industry, BetWay has been ruling it unrivalled for quite some time at this point, thanks in large part to its high odds and diverse array of betting markets available.

There’s really not much to say about this absolute giant of a sportsbook. If you don’t know BetWay, you probably aren’t a punter at all.


A local bookmaking company, BetKing, appreciates its customers and presents them with some of the highest odds in the country. As one of the biggest sportsbooks in Nigeria, we think you already know all about it, and if you do not, just try them out already. No Nigerian punter should avoid such a delightful platform as BetKing. 


Overall, it is quite an average sportsbook. There are not a lot of promos or bonuses, but the odds are unreasonably high, and that is what keeps them afloat.

If you prefer things to be simple, visit Parimatch. They are incredibly safe, secure, and quite uncomplicated. 


Internationally acclaimed bookmaking website that not only presents bettors with very high odds but also sports a sleek design, a great user interface, and everything else that will generally make your betting experience exponentially better. It also has a nice number of intensive bonuses to boot, so you will not leave unsatisfied. 


BetFarm stands out from our list despite being a niche platform and not the largest. Despite its unpopularity, sportsbook boasts quite favorable odds in an attempt to save at least a bit of relevancy.

Overall, it is not a bookie we can recommend with certainty, but if you aren’t picky and prefer high odds, BetFarm could be a good option.

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A new kid on the block, N1BET, is only about 1 year old. Despite that, it managed to attract a decent number of people because of the amazing first deposit bonus of 300%, the diverse array of betting options, and, of course, the sky-high odds, which may be a marketing ploy to gain more traction.

Do not miss out on the offer, though. Take advantage of the best odds available right now, while they last. 


In our humble opinion, Melbet is the best sportsbook operating in Nigeria at this moment. They have the greatest odds of them all, a variety of offerings, and more.

If you aren’t placing wagers on Melbet, it is high time to change that. You will genuinely be treated with one if not the best betting experience out there and your payouts will increase proportionately.

There are some notable downsides. The betting markets on Melbet, although still large, pale in comparison to its bigger competitors but if that is something you do not care about, then Melbet is pretty much the best.

In Conclusion

Nigerian punters have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a site on which to bet, but only a few have such high odds as our contenders. In all honesty, ranking them is mostly pointless.

You may pick each one and find something specific and tailored to you there. They are all solid choices, and you shouldn’t be afraid of trying each one of them. Ultimately, your comfort is the decisive factor, and no online list can rank that.