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Bebi Philippe, full name N’guessan Bebi Philippe Amessan (born May 18, 1988 in Treichville, Abidjan), is an Ivorian singer, songwriter, music producer, and guitarist. He is also known by the stage names BBP, Kôrô Bebi, and previously L’arranger du fingeré recherche.

He is a coupé-décalé icon and is regarded as one of Africa’s greatest guitarists and musical arrangers.

Bebi Philippe is most known for his production work, which includes the songs Bobaraba by DJ Mix 1er and other artists. Bebi Philippe’s debut album, Joie de vivre, was well received and featured popular songs like On s’explode, Faut Bara, and Liberté. Mon Style de Zik, his upcoming album, is planned for release in 2016.



Born to a musical father in a Christian household, he grew up in Treichville, a town in the Lagunes Region, southeast of Abidjan. At the age of four, he began playing guitar in the church’s orchestra.

He subsequently joined the musical ensemble his father had been a part of, where he discovered how to write Christian hymns.

Philippe became successful in 2003 and received admission to the National Higher Institute of Arts and Cultural Action’s Lycée d’Enseignement Artistique (LEA).

After finishing his studies, he succeeds in establishing a name for himself, and his friend Issouf Tionon founds Issouf Production.

Bebi Philip Biography


The fact that Bebi Philip’s father was a musician contributed to his early attachment to music as a passion and family legacy.

He learned his first musical notes as a teenager from members of his family. He is a devout Christian, and his family is quite active in the church she attended. Bebi rapidly acquired his bearings at the age of 4 and joined his church’s orchestra as a guitarist. This marked the beginning of his musical journey, which he never let go of.

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He eventually joined the band his father was a part of as a result of one thing leading to another. The genuine beginning of the instrument mastery process is the commencement.

Bebe Philip learnt to write Christian Songs in this group. He developed a love for music and in 2003 aced the entrance test for the high school of artistic education (lEA) that was founded within (the National Higher Institute of Arts and Cultural Action).

Further learnt all the fundamentals of composition, arrangement, and song in this shrine of Ivorian music.

With his diploma in hand, Bebi Philip considers improving himself by interaction with his more accomplished predecessors. He will therefore work in Freddy Assogba’s studios from 2004 to 2007.

He will be able to learn the inner workings of the arranger and composer professions throughout this time spent in this virtuoso’s studios. Later, his arrangements will show the impact of Freddy Assogba.



  • 2013 : Joie de vivre


  • 2010 : On s’éclate (featuring Debordo Leekunfa)
  • 2011 : Faut Bara
  • 2011 : Liberté
  • 2013 : La rue n’est pas une mère
  • 2013 : 1990
  • 2013 : Il est merveilleux
  • 2014 : Koumoulé
  • 2014 : Espoir
  • 2015 : Balaumba
  • 2015 : Move Dadass
  • 2015 : Mamalôkô
  • 2016 : Casse Casse
  • 2016 : On Va Piétiner (featuring Koffi Olomidé)
  • 2016 : La Vraie Force
  • 2017 : Hors Série


  • 2015 : Au Nom de Quel Amour (Suspect 95)
  • 2015 : Venant du Ciel (Supreme Pat Cool)
  • 2017 : Dans la Joie (Tiness La Deesse)

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