Estranged wife of Alaafin of Oyo mourns the monarch

Olaitan, Badirat Ajoke Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo’s estranged wife, has taken to Instagram to mourn him following his death.

Adeyemi, who left the Palace and later stated that “divorce is OK” because she left her marriage “willingly,” shared a photo of the late monarch, the father of her children.

She stated in the caption that Alaafin married her when she was 19 and became her best friend. She went on to say that when people realized she was the monarch’s favorite, “everything flopped.”


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You can read the rest of her post below :

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”.

Daddy… Word fail me but اَللّٰهُ أَعْلَم (Allahu’ alam-God knows better”).

I was thinking it’s all lies and that you are coming back but I’m afraid I was wrong.

The father of my kids, that I met at an impressionable age left when it was least expected.

Whenever I tell people that the bond we share can be likened to that of a “Siamese”, having been married to you at age 19, they are more that transfixed.

We were practically best of friends but the moment they had an inklings about whom your favorite was, everything flopped.

Alas! the kids and I can’t see you anymore nor converse with you any longer but I vehemently believe you are seeing us, how I wish we can still have few words because I’ve got a whole lot to tell you.

I’m bereft of what to tell the boys especially, Adejuwon, because at his age, he reads and and surf the net so much that curiosity gets hold of him and has already know a lot about you.

You remain to me, a best father, teacher and mentor and husband that ever bestrode the landscapes.

Almighty Allah will forgive all your sins and accept your return.


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