How to write a biography of a famous person

How to write a biography of a famous person

How to write a biography of a famous person?

One of the popular tasks students can receive in college is writing a biography of a famous person.

You may be asked to write about a prominent individual or a professional in the area of politics, science, arts, sports, and more.

Today’s article will share tips and practices on how to compose a bio to the best of your ability.

Tips from bio writing from a biography service

Writing a bio may be necessary not only in college. When you apply for a job with a company, they might also ask you to submit a professional biography. In this case, it’s best to rely on a biography writing service provided by online.

In addition to a bio, professionals resume writers can only edit your CV to make it look truly professional. As you compose a bio of a famous person, follow these principles:


Focus on the main milestones of the person’s life

Any biography should present the basic facts about the individual. These facts include the date of birth, education, interests, personal life and what this person is famous for.

Some of these facts might not be crucial for the person’s life story, but listing them will help the reader grasp the personality of an individual you’re describing. Remember that a bio should be succinct and stick to the main ideas of your story to avoid getting lost in facts and your thoughts.

Do your research and formulate the thesis

Even if you know enough about the person or a historical figure, do research anyway to back up your statements with facts. Research should include the analysis and review of both primary and secondary sources.

After you’ve collected enough data, formulate a thesis that would be the central point of your biography. A thesis can be an idea about the person’s life, personality or accomplishments. As you continue writing, make sure that every paragraph is written in line with that thesis.

Try to describe the atmosphere of the historical era

As you write about the famous person, it’s hardly possible to neglect the general information of their era. The atmosphere is created by the historical period and the general situation of the industry.

For example, if you write about a movie director, the atmosphere in Hollywood in 1950 is quite different from the era in the 1980s. Don’t focus too much on the historical situation, though. A few sentences will be of service to outline the situation in the field.

Present the significant events and accomplishments

The story should describe one or several accomplishments or life events of the famous person. Focus on the most significant ones, and provide the reader with details and context.

This section is the most important part of your bio. By the way, professional accomplishments are also important to mention in a professional bio. If you’re not sure how to compose it, consult the writer from an online company providing resume and bio writing services.

Follow the instructor’s guidelines

When composing any academic paper, be sure to follow the requirements posed by your instructor. These requirements typically cover paper length, type of essay, number of citations, and more.

However, in certain cases, they will give you a list of famous people to choose from and indicate whether you should include your opinion and thoughts about the person or stick to purely academic style of writing.

In any case, while writing someone’s biography you’ll surely develop your writing skills and understand how to compose your professional bio in the future.