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Singer whose real name is Yoonou Émile Sofonnou but often known as Mix Premier, is Ivorian and Beninese.

He develops solo between 2009 and 2011 and stands out for his versatility in both singing and attalaku. He received the prize for the coupé-most decalé’s beautiful voice on October 15, 2016, at the Palais de la culture in Abidjan.

The real-name Émile Sofonnou runs a production company called Le Mix Prod.


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Yoonou Sofonnou Ivorian-Beninese artist was born in Abidjan on September 19, 1985. His early years were spent in the Marcory commune. At the age of 7, young Emile and his family relocated to Port-Bout from the town of Marcory.

He has been a part of the family’s church choir since a young age. He studied music in the choir with his mother, brothers, and sisters. He dabbles with playing the piano, guitar, and drums, among other instruments.

His mother started a bar, which over time evolved into the family’s main residence. Mix Premier frequently visits there. He respects the DJ in this lounge.

Mix Premier


Mix’s debuts album “Bobaraba,” whose main title also carries the album’s name, was released by Dj Mix 1 er and his comrade Elloh Dj, a retiree from the Bar “La Cour des Grands.”

This album transcends the boundaries of Côte d’Ivoire and the world of Ivorian music fans.

The African woman known as “Awoulaba” is featured in the dancing idea “Bobaraba,” which emphasizes her natural beauty.

The two musicians are given podium invitations around Europe and West Africa thanks to the album’s success. This award represents the pinnacle of the artist’s career.



  • Bobaraba (2007) : 9 titres
  • La haut : 10 titres
  • Révélation : 9 titres


  • Mal à la tête
  • On va se laisser
  • boy of world ft offdarenn
  • Winda Winda
  • Téléphone a sonné
  • Bobaraba
  • Prends tes points
  • Ingratitude
  • Kroubata
  • Souplesse feat Claire Bahi
  • Pour moi va sortir
  • Tito c’est Drogba
  • La haut
  • A nos disparus
  • Katara
  • Lumière
  • Mafouet
  • Lumumba
  • Bizangouin
  • Katara
  • Goumin goumin

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