MOVIE : A Killer Next Door (2020)

MOVIE : A Killer Next Door (2020)

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Genres: Thriller

Director : Andrew Jones

Stars: Nigel Barber , Jason Gregg , Derek Nelson

Runtime: 1 h 23 min

Release Year : 2020

Language: English

Subtitle: English

John List murdered his father, mother and three children at their New Jersey home on November 9th, 1971, and then vanished without trace.

Eighteen years later, teenager Stephanie Hancock is confined to her home in a small town in Virginia and recovering from a broken hip.

She spies on her neighbors to pass the time.

It’s all fun and games before things take a terrifying turn.

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Stephanie starts to believe that one of her friends, Bob Clark, is in fact a long-forgotten John List family murderer.

She fails to persuade her family of Clark’s true identity despite the passing of time, his change in personality and friendly attitude.

Stephanie is determined to reveal the truth by enlisting the help of her boyfriend Danny and best friend Melissa.

But the youngsters soon discover they took on more than they agreed as the fugitive murderer discovers that he is being followed.

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