MOVIE : Dirty Sexy Saint (2019)

MOVIE : Dirty Sexy Saint (2019)

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Genres: Drama , Romance

Director : Tosca Musk

Stars: Jordan Lane Price , David A. Gregory , Luke Guldan

Runtime: 1 h 44 min

Release Date: 8 December 2019 (USA)

Language: English

File Size: 250 MB

Clay Kincaid likes the ‘Saint’ tag, because he’s too kind to stray animals and poor people. Particularly regarding women.

He doesn’t do stable relationships with a rough and broken past which has left him jaded.

That is until he encounters Samantha Jamieson, an heiress who has turned fugitive in need of assistance.

As she starts to work at his bar as a waitress, he learns that she is a truly unique and wonderful girl …

someone who could light up his spirit.


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