New Shows on Netflix that are Worth Watching


Netflix is a popular streaming service that houses a vast library of old and new series, dramas, and movies. Over time, they have also created their shows known as Netflix Originals.

Netflix started as a DVD Distribution company, but by recognizing the need of time became the first streaming corporation.

They improved their streaming speed and by 2017 they had garnered millions of subscribers in a short period.

In this article, we have talked about popular binge-worthy shows:

Why it’s convenient and popular: 


The fast-paced digital life has made older systems obsolete. People look for instant enjoyment resources. Unlike cable TV, Netflix provides a library of interesting content to watch at your own pace.

You can easily unblock Netflix with a VPN with a single click and enjoy thousands of your favorite movies online. This was their greatest strength over time.

Along with it fast-streaming services, Netflix became more popular and convenient for every stratum of society including Kids, moms, students, and men in a short time. Everyone loves it because of its cheaper rates, fresh content, golden classics, and then some more.

Apart from that, Netflix provides a low-cost subscription to its users as compared to its competitors. Netflix contracts with significant production houses such as Disney, to reproduce the older movies, shows, and series for its consumers.

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This gives Netflix a massive database of content to watch without any trouble on their subscribers’ part.

The Benefits of Using A VPN While Watching Shows On Netflix:

The fun part is you can even watch Geo-restricted on Netflix conveniently with a VPN. With a Virtual Private Network, you can choose any location as your current location.

VPN masks your actual location; this gives you the freedom to watch content that is banned or restricted in your country due to any reason.

VeePN provides the best online streaming speed, uninterrupted internet, and 256-bit military-grade security that you can trust. With more than 2500 servers around the globe, unblock movies online in a secure environment.

Most Popular Shows On Netflix: 

Following are the top-rated, most-watched shows on Netflix by any factor.

Stranger Things: 

Stranger Things is a Netflix series, created by Duffer Brothers. It is a mix of sci-fi, horror, and fiction set in 1980’s Indiana.

It shows supernatural experiments on children, how science can become monstrous, and a very special scary girl. The unique juxtaposition of fiction and horror draws its viewers even closer.

The fantastic acting, ominous music, captivating dialogues, and original 80’s picturesque backdrop has made this series popular with the masses.

Despite featuring children in this series, it is not intended for children. Parental guidance is advised. It has proven to be the best series on Netflix by far.

The Umbrella Academy: 

Another extremely popular show on Netflix is The Umbrella Academy. It is a story of a dozen or so supernatural children, raised by a mysterious billionaire mentor. When the mentor dies, the children reunite to stop the impending apocalypse.

Now, Hargreeves, the mentor did some inhumane things to these children and as a result, they became dysfunctional.

This is not it. The parallel universe transport these children in time and they become face-to-face with the actual Hargreeves family, and their cruel mentor is going to adopt seven more infants. The irony and drama don’t end here.

To know what happens next, hop on to Netflix and watch this tension-filled, surprisingly gripping series now.

Netflix New Show


A perfect show to binge-watch, Heartstopper deals with LGBTQ+ issues and dilemmas quite well. The protagonist, Nick goes through multiple emotional scenarios throughout the series. The honest, clean story of a gay couple coming of age is rare in Hollywood.

Heartstopper is full of tremendous performance from the actors, a gripping plot, and incredibly entertaining with all of its twists and turns. They have complimented the storyline with nice songs, and pretty good scores, all in all, it has won many hearts due to its positive message and fantastic acting.

Is It Cake?

The makers of Top Chef and Project Runway came together and created “Is It Cake?” for Netflix. It masquerades everyday objects like cakes and makes you wonder if you are hallucinating or something.

This baking competition show is getting a lot of traction because of its unique take on baking and competitions overall. The beautiful and unbelievable creations make you literally cry, “is it even CAKE?”

The performances, hard work, and execution are mind-blowing and the audience is eagerly impatiently looking forward to the second season.


Bridgerton is a highly acclaimed series on Netflix that is based on a series of novels, following a powerful family in the high-end society of England. Each novel deals with a different sibling and its dilemmas in captivating ways.

The first story is about Daphne and her marital problems which come into play when she marries a highly sought-after Duke, Simon Basset.

Then the second season shows the societal waves her brother makes by marrying a particular woman.

The character-driven performances will keep you glued to the screens, waiting to know more about their lives and how they are intertwined with ours on so many levels.