Online Casino Games : Browser-Based vs Mobile Apps

Online Casino Games

Regardless of whether you played online casino games before or not, you cannot disregard the fact that they are getting more popular.

Perhaps you’ve been hearing so much about these games from friends and seeing people talk about them online that you’ve decided to give them a go yourself.

However, being completely new to the world of online gambling probably means that you’re not quite aware of all your options. 

With that in mind, in addition to doing your research on the casino you choose to ensure it has all the necessary licenses and games you’d like to play, it’s also important that you decide if you want to play via the browser or download an app.

While it might seem like every casino has its own app, that is simply not true, which is why it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each approach. Here is what you need to know.

Playing via browser

For starters, if you’re not yet aware, it is possible to play online casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots through a browser on one of your devices, be it your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

As many players prefer this approach, read on for some advantages and disadvantages.


When it comes to playing games on a browser, there are several benefits.

For one, you don’t have to download any apps besides having a browser of your choosing installed. This is a big plus for people that are working with devices that come with limited storage.

What is more, playing in a browser should not use up too much battery.

Moreover, even though most apps nowadays are free, you don’t have to pay extra if you play through a browser. Additionally, browser-based casinos are more affordable for the developers, which means that they can provide you with more games for a lower price.

Then, there is also the fact that playing online casino games via a browser has been around a lot longer than apps, which means that developers had more time to optimize their websites and make their user experience much better.

From the responsiveness to the interface, top casinos cover all the bases. When looking for a casino you can play through your browser, you can easily do some research and find this information on review websites like

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Of course, it’s easy to find these review websites no matter where you’re located.


On the other hand, we cannot overlook the fact that there are some downsides to this approach as well.

For example, while playing on a mobile device is handy, those playing on a desktop computer might not like the restricted mobility it comes with. People often like staying entertained during their commute or lunch break, which is not a place where they can rely on their desktop computers.

Furthermore, even those that use mobile devices need to keep in mind that there are some shortcomings, such as using a smartphone that was just released where the experience might be less than stellar.

Lastly, playing in a browser means that a player needs an internet connection, which is again not something that is always available when on the go.

Playing via app

Conversely, there are also players that swear by mobile apps. So, let’s take a closer look.


First of all, many developers claim that games are simply better experienced through an app. For instance, slots come in various themes and with various bonuses that are all made to fit nicely into the app’s interface.

Additionally, in some cases, apps do not require an internet connection and will keep track of a player’s progress and record. This makes them more useful when players like to place a few bets while traveling or at work.

Something else that players appreciate is that they can use one of their devices like a tablet to play casino games while their phone is free to use for other things like calls or looking at social media.

Apps also tend to come with more bonuses. However, this is only true for those casinos that have an app, as they’re trying to encourage players to download them.

Finally, when made right, apps also come with more security than browser-based games as they use security keys to protect users’ funds.


As is the case with everything, there are also downsides here.

For instance, as gambling is not legal in all countries, hiding an IP address with a VPN can be a bit more difficult when using an app as opposed to a browser with a VPN.

Apps also take up precious space on a device and can drain the battery rather quickly. Plus, playing on a small screen is also a big turn-off for many players while a user is also limited to one game at a time.

If you’re thinking about joining an online casino, take these pros and cons into account when deciding on the right one for you.