Portable Omolalomi : An Entertainer, a less Musician

Portable Omolalomi - Gasolo

The end of 2021 produced an unexpectedly new addition to the Nigerian entertainment (music) industry.

Just like every other normal day at the office for Olamide on Twitter, after his Carpe Diem’s Tour, he announced he’s just done cooking a resplendent tune in the studio with P-Prime.

Courtesy of diehard Baddo fans, they began retweeting and landed him on Twitter’s trending tab. Of course, 2021 completed his [Baddo] “a decade of consistency” in the industry.

Weeks later, the single titled “Zazoo”, featuring Pocolee, and a new name, Portable, was included. It was later discovered that Portable owns the lion’s share of the track.

Hypothetically, saying Olamide’s 10-years in the music industry birthed Portable’s outbreak is unerring.


Portable, somehow, after “Zazoo” has refused to back down, but instead, keeps releasing contents: [1.] combo of what some people called “social media madness,” and [2.] music.

Since breaking into the industry with Zazoo, he has released a 6-tracks EP, titled “Zazuu Zeh (2022)”, and a couple of singles, featuring Small Doctor too.

All in the space of 2-months after his blockbuster single, “Zazoo” (Featuring Olamide Badoo & Pocolee).

Despite the new releases, Portable keeps realizing an increase in number of people that checks his social media page more than number of those who vibe to his songs.

In fact, he’s about to cross a million followers on Instagram.

It is accurate to say Portable is more of an entertainer than a musician as claimed – “orin ni mo fi n gawu.”

His “Are You Mad or Something” phrase-cut from his saga with Pocolee rant is even more popular than the songs from his Zazuu Zeh (2022) EP.

Virtually everywhere Portable has trended for anything that isn’t Zazoo (song), would be for his social media contents, and not songs.

Does it mean Portable isn’t a musician? Absolutely not. He’s a musician. But a musician with vibe – vibes that seem to overlay his music career.

Portable has trended for shading his promoter, Kogbagidi, Pocolee, Small Doctor but has never trended for his songs aside from Zazoo (feat. Olamide & Pocolee).

Indeed, Portable is a true definition of “idamu adugbo a.k.a. werey olorin”. If care isn’t taken, he would soon shade everybody in the entertainment industry.

Well, trending is good for music business!

NB: Entertainer is “Someone who puts on a show for the entertainment or enjoyment of others.”