Nigerian Rapper Dablixx Oshaa reportedly dies at 27

Nigerian Rapper Dablixx Oshaa dead

A Nigerian fast growing Rapper Dablixx Oshaa has been confirmed dead by a very close friend of his

The Nigerian Rapper who is unique and well know for his kind of trap music was announced dead by a friend who goes by the name Ooluwaniunfishe.

According to Omokehinde aka Ooluwaniunfishe Dablixx died on November 07, 2022 after he had posted on instagram.

However, Dablixx Oshaa’s death was also confirmed by his family on his personal Instagram account.

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Nigerian Rapper Dablixx Oshaa dead

What killed Dablixx Oshaa

Dablixx Oshaa’s cause of death is stomach complication, in the late hours of Monday 7, Nov 2022, the trap Artiste complained about stomach ache before he passed.

While many are saying that his gangster lifestyle killed him, Osha has ones released a song titled “Pray we live long” where in his words :

People say it’s real if they come back

But I say it’s real if they never went

Life fvck me up times without numbers

Young Nigga dying but the never cared

Why you tryna stop me, But I thought you are my friend bro

Now I heard you playing fvcking around with my ex girl

Fvck you dwag, why you snitching

Running round with my b1tches

Don’t know why you tryna kill me

Tryin shoot me but you missed

Mama had a dream about me dying

But I told her she lying

She said she saw my Niggas turning back

They denied me

I don’t wanna die young.