SCAM ALERT : Stevens finance corporate is a scam [Read More]

Stevens finance corporate is a scam

This is getting to us from one Mr Roqeeb, The CEO of Roidcollections, 

Below is what he said,

Stevens finance corporate is a scam!!!
They claimed to help fund businesses with international affiliations by granting low interest loans and time friendly repayment scheme.

They have everything well mapped out. Their social media handles carries testimonies, they even turn down some loan requests.
They posted vacancies for opened posts in the corporation.
I was convinced and applied for the minimum loan which is 500,000 naira and it was approved. After the payment of the processing fee of 39,500 naira and 70000naira for my savings account which I was told would be mine after paying off the loan.

I went through the normal process of account opening including submitting a one year statement of account.

After meeting all the requirements and was waiting to be credited, I was told I need to pay 50,000 naira an insurance fee which is a new policy from the central bank of Nigeria.

Then I asked for a refund and was told to pay 5,250naira AZ refund fee, I was blocked on all their platforms after I was told to pay the refund fee. I called the person who claimed to be my account officer and asked why I was blocked, he said Facebook blocked me itself.

I asked for my refund and he said the fee has gone up to 8,500naira, I told him to remove it from the actual money and refund my balance he declined.

After much arguments which later turned pleading he said he would pity me and help me process only my savings (70,000) which he later dropped to 50,000 and then demanded for a recharge card of 5,000 naira to make some international calls.

He has since then blocked all my lines. His name is Ayana J Franklin.

See Screenshots of the conversation and Transaction He had with them below :

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  1. I have gotten all information’s about him within one year my friend was scammed. I recently reached out to him through his mail but he thinks he’s invisible. His location is Ghana and all his banking details and personal social networks I have then available with me.
    This week I will publish it to the world because I warned him and the period of time I gave him to refund my money is up.

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