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Serge Beynaud Gnolou, commonly known as Serge Beynaud, is an Ivorian singer, songwriter, and musical arranger who was born in Yopougon, Abidjan.

Other names for him include Beynaud, L’arranger sexinini, and Le mannequin des arrangeurs. He is highly regarded in the coupé-décalé community and is regarded by many as an African Afropop singer and musical arranger.

Douk Saga called him to engage in their composition after noticing him in 2007. He made the decision to start his singing career in 2009.


One of the coupé-heavyweights décalé’s today is Serge Beynaud. Though coupé-décalé is his preferred musical style, Afropop has a big influence on him.

Serge Beynaud


Born in Yopougon, the Lagunes Region of Ivory Coast, which is southeast of Abidjan. He has been a musician since he was a little child.

Beynaud is one of the icons of the coupé-décalé movement and is referred to as the “Model of Arrangers” for his fashionable and dapper clothing taste. The ethnic group known as the Bété includes Serge Beynaud.

For a number of Ivorian musicians, Serge Beynaud started his career as a sound engineer. His song Kouma lébé, which was a huge hit in Africa, propelled him into the public eye in 2009, and it has since continued to rise in the ranks of African urban music and dance.

Then, Serge Beynaud joined with David Monsoh’s record company, Obouo Music, and his debut album, Seul Dieu, was published in 2012. Serge’s first album include Corrigé corrected (which he produced), Tchokora (which he also produced), and Coupé Décalé (which alludes to the musical style that made him famous, Loko Loko) (produced by himself). The coupé-décalé community views this album as one of the best “classics” of the subgenre.

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In his compositions, Serge Beynaud alternates between coupé-décalé and Afropop. He has created music for a variety of performers, including Molare the vocalist, Debordo Leekunfa, Bebi Philip, DJ Mix 1er, and DJ Arafat.

The singles Corrigé corrected and Tchokora from his debut album, Only God, which was released on December 10th, 2010, were huge hits with music fans and helped him get recognition outside of the continent.
His second album, Talehi, featured the singles Côté sensible (with Colonel Reyel) and Kababléké when it was released in the summer of 2014. Numerous guests were also included on the album.


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