The Most Important People: 6 Movies About Friendship

Movies About Friendship

Movies About Friendship

What better way to get together with your loved ones than to watch cool friendship movies? Here are fresh movies about loyalty, trust and strong platonic relationships.

100 Dinge

Friends since childhood, Anton and Paul have lived the high life: the first never parted with expensive suits and hair styling products, the second collects sneakers from famous brands.

The guys wrote a program that a big IT executive decided to buy and now they are one step away from becoming incredibly rich.

Drunkenly, the heroes make a bet: each of the hundred days of the trial they can take only one thing. And everything would seem fine, if Anton and Paul had not met an interesting girl who interested them both.


100 Dinge is an enjoyable movie that seamlessly combines issues of not only friendship and intimacy but also conscious consumption. Besides, you are sure to be pleased with the acting of outstanding German artists.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon will be loved by those who enjoy betting via a 22Bet mobile application, as it involves martial arts. It belongs to the category of those movies that really teach you a lot. It deals with the socialization of people with health problems, which is not unimportant these days.

Zak Gottesagen had a role that could hardly be done better: an actor with Down syndrome who plays a character with the same disorder. Besides, his character has exactly the same name: Zach.

After watching a lot of spectacular fights on TV, Zack decides to become part of the fighting world himself, to find a club to train and become a real star. He meets a gruff fisherman named Tyler, played by Shia LaBeouf.

At first, the man wants to use Zach for his own purposes, but later a strong friendship develops between them, and the guys embark on a journey to make Zach the winner of the arena.


This movie is based on a true story about English feminists. In 1970, the Miss World pageant was held in London – that’s when a new wave of female emancipation began to develop that opposed objectification and sexualization.

According to the plot, a group of girls, defending women’s rights, develops an insidious plan: to disrupt the event for the title of the main Miss and show society that the body in no way should decide the position in society.

The main role is played by Keira Knightley, whose heroine, after constant pressure from society and humiliation at the university, finally gets faithful fighting friends who can both disrupt the inhuman contest and prove to the world that women are not just cattle at the fair.

Le bonheur des uns…

Karin and Francis, Lea and Mark have been friends as a couple for a long time. Unexpectedly, Lea informs everyone that she has written a novel and sent it to a publisher.

The book becomes a bestseller, and the heroine gains a popularity she never even dreamed of. This event reveals the most problematic points in the relationship of friends because now they are jealous of Lea and want to get no less fame.

And her husband Mark resists the new life in every way, not wanting to be financially dependent on his wife. A series of showdowns, jealousy, and resentment will show who is really a good friend.


On Christmas night, Dr. Serge Mamou-Mani remains the only itinerant doctor who can help the sick.

Driving around town, he suddenly feels pain in his lower back, which prevents him from functioning normally, much less treating others.

But a miracle happens: Serge runs into a courier named Malek and convinces him by all means to become Serge Mamu-Mani for one night. The guy agrees, and from that moment on the couple embarks on a real adventure that brings them closer together.

The movie is a high quality representative of French cinema, and, most importantly, it has everything we love in the comedies of this country: sparkling humor, warmth and kindness; nice actors and vital plots, played with a touch of phantasmagoria.


Justin Timberlake has firmly established his image as a smiling, bright and positive artist.

That is why his participation in the film project “Palmer” became a pleasant surprise because the world-favorite singer appeared in his new role: that of a guy, who has served his time in prison.

Palmer returns after his sentence to his grandmother’s house. He is lost and does not know how to get back on his feet after spending quite a few years surrounded by criminals.

The hero finds a job as a janitor at a local school and discovers that a neighborhood boy named Sam goes to that school. One day the child’s mother disappears, and Palmer’s grandmother takes Sam into her care.

Although the two characters, now living under the same roof, are completely different and see the world in their own way, Palmer becomes attached to Sam, becoming his protector, friend, and mentor.