Top 30 Trending Nigerian Slangs / names and Meaning 2022

Trending Nigerian Slangs

Trending Nigerian Slangs / names and Meaning 2022

In this article, we would be talking about 2021 / 2022 trending words or rather slangs and their meaning.

1. Zazoo :

This was brought into trend by fast rising music star “Portable Omolalomi”. The phrase “Zazuu Zehh” means “Movement” or better still “Moving Train”.

2. Warisi :

This is a non popular name found amoung Nigerian Muslims.

Warisi came into the trend when a hype man was hyping a boy named Waris as he was dancing. The hypeman was heard saying “Wa wa, warisi” .


3. Amapiano :

This is a style of music from South Africa. Meaning “the pianos” in their popular language called Zulu.
Just as Nigerians have Afrobeat going worldwide, Amapiano became a trend that was accepted everywhere.

4. Skala :

Nigerian indigenous rapper and singer “Olamide” started this trend with his verse on Kizz Daniel’s song. However, Skala means “scale” in German.

Meanwhile, in Czech (Skála), Slovak, Polish (Skala), and Jewish (from Poland), it’s a name for someone who lived by a rock or crag.

5 Omo Ope :

This is a popular Yoruba slang meaning “A lucky child (usually an abbreviation of omo olope)” .
Asake & Olamide even have a song with it as the title.

6. Mayana :

Another name for Nigerian singer popular known as “Skiibii” is Mayana. Skiibii is fund of saying it and Mayana  is of Hebrew origin and means “Well Spring of Life” .

7. Kogbagidi :

This is the name of a popular Nigerian international promoter and a couple of other people have embraced the name. Kogbagidi means “Life is not hard” .

8. Yeobayae:

Jayboi X Olamide came with this and it an insult to ones Mother .

9. Ogo Forever :

Zaazoo crooner “Portable Baeby” also came with this which means “Forever Glory” or rather “Forever Blessed”. Someone who has Ogo is called “Omo Ologo” meaning “Glorious child”.

10. Marama :

This is an igbo word which means “Beautiful” .

11. Peru :

Peru was invented by Fireboy DML which rocked 2021 into 2022 with a remix that featured “Ed Sheeran” Although this is the name of a country but the Peru which Fireboy was talking about is fellow singer Peruzzi.

“Even Peru don dey para” as one of the lines would say.

Meanwhile, Para means “Shout” it more like a reaction that comes when you’re being angered.

12. Otun ti Zeh :

Another Portable slangs, this one means “It has happened again”

13. Rip :

This is when someone tries to play smart with your share of what mostly involves “Money”. So, when someone steals your money, they ripped you.

If you pay for a service which wasn’t done, that’s also ripping.

14. Kojosese :

Made a trend by Naira Marley.
Kojosese means “Put on the dance” .

15. Gbemidebe :

With no much writing, “Gbemi debe” means “Take me there”. You can also say “Gbemi trabaya”

16. Werey:

This is used to qualify a mad person.

17. Ikebe :

Ikebe is an igbo word that means “The backside of a female”

18. Shakara :

Shakara is used when someone is posing or showing off, another word for it in Nigeria is Shako

19. Oke :

This came from Oladips most accepted song. Oke means “Bless me” or “upward”.

20. Sapa :

Sapa is another word for poverty. When you barely have anything to eat, you’ve sapa.

21. Kolobi :

This means “to get together”

22. Tungba

This means Rythm.

23. Shayo :

This simple means getting drunk or high.

24. Yeye

Useless , senseless or Redicule that’s what Nigerian pigen word “Yeye” means

25. Kana :

Kana means “understand”.

26. Las las :

Las last is a popular Nigerian saying meaning “At last” or “At the end of the day”.

27. Ojuju :

This is a Nigerian word for “Masquerade”

28. Ifunaya :

Ifunanya is an Igbo pet name meaning “Love”

29. Iyalaya :

Grandmother or female ancestor that’s what this means.

30. Alaye :

Alaye means Area boy, Hoodlum or tuat.