Why Do People Choose to Bet With Mobile Apps Rather Than With Desktop Versions of Betting Websites

Desktop Versions of Betting Websites

At first glance, online betting may seem easier with a desktop website. To start playing, you only need to open your browser and type in the search box for the right sportsbook. Moreover, you can do it from any device in any browser.

However, online gambling can be no more complicated with a mobile phone if the bookmaker has taken care of it. For example, you can download the SportsBet app without any hassle and get exactly the same as the desktop version’s users.

Statistics are merciless for PC lovers: most gamblers make online bets using mobile devices. In this article, we’ll explain why this happens.

Ways to Bet Online

To win and retain customers’ attention, online betting companies must keep up with the times equipping themselves with the latest technology. So they strive to hire the most gifted software developers and designers to create full-featured and eye-catching products—websites and apps.

Today’s punters have two main options to play: do it with their desktop devices or cell phones. Whatever option they choose, they still can access online sportsbooks through a website or via a downloadable application. Let’s quickly review all the possibilities.  

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Desktop Website

It’s a website intended for full-screen viewing on desktop and laptop computers. This option is ideal for players who literally like to see the big picture. 

A desktop version of a betting website allows you to open numerous tabs in parallel and swiftly move from one web page to another.

Desktop site users choose comfort and don’t want to bet on the run. By seating themselves in a cozy chair and pouring a cup of coffee, they take their time looking through the odds and placing wagers.

Mobile Website

A mobile site is simply the same website optimized for cellular phones. And because it has to be adapted for smaller screens, its appearance differs slightly from the desktop version.

For example, mobile betting apps have diverse navigation and can be less cluttered with banners and other elements.

Online gamblers prefer mobile sites because they can access them anywhere with any browser and operating system (OS). And when they don’t want to download and install the app to save some space in the phone’s storage.

Desktop App

A desktop app is not a widespread option, but some bookmakers nevertheless offer it.

It’s a piece of software that can be installed and run directly on laptops and stationary computers. 

In addition to being tied to a specific device, desktop applications are always bound to a particular OS, such as Windows or Mac.

Mobile App

And finally, mobile apps. Nowadays, every self-respecting betting platform provides this option for its customers, including Android and iPhone users.

Bookies put download links and comprehensive instructions in a visible location on the website for user convenience.

Downloading is completely free and secure for bettors, given that the online sportsbook or casino they choose is legal and reliable.

Mobile apps are the most favorable way to play for zillions of gamblers, and here’s why. 

Why Do People Choose Mobile Betting Apps?

It’s no secret that many of us literally cling to our smartphones and don’t let them out of our hands 24/7. Hence the first reason why people choose to wager via mobile betting apps.


Wherever you go — for a walk, a bar, the gym, or a sports match — nothing can stop you from betting. And in contrast to laptops, a cell phone is much lighter and takes up less space. Your online pocket sportsbook will always be there for you, ready to offer a breadth of gaming options.  


With a smartphone, you get the quickest access to your favorite sports selections and casino games. Unlike the mobile site, you only need to tap on the screen and not bother with long searches.


Thanks to mobile apps, making deposits and withdrawals via your phone is fast and simple. Another nice feature is sending notifications to your device, which keeps you in the loop on the latest updates, promotions, and events.  


Adapting to a small screen determines the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design of mobile gambling apps, thus making them more intuitive and visually attractive. Mobile applications have a neat layout and improved readability by remaining as functional as their desktop counterparts.

Mobile Apps vs. Desktop Websites

To sum up and clearly demonstrate the advantages of mobile apps over desktop sites, let’s gather the major pros and cons of both options.

Betting Site Version Pros Cons
Mobile App
  • High accessibility
  • Excellent portability
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Helpful notifications
  • Great usability
  • Compelling UI
  • Small screen size
  • Available on a particular device
Desktop Website
  • Large screen size
  • Available on any desktop device
  • Compatible with any OS and browser
  • Limited or no portability
  • Cluttered UI
  • Confusing navigation


Another argument in favor of mobile applications is the bonus that certain bookmakers provide for installing their app. However, it’s not so common as, for instance, a sign-up bonus available for all customers, no matter how they join the gambling platform.

Such characteristics as performance and speed might be controversial in the mobile vs. desktop battle, as they often depend on a specific device and internet service provider.

Of course, the above table is not exhaustive, and everyone is welcome to offer their reasons for and against either choice. 

Final Thoughts

It’s crystal clear that mobile apps have the upper hand in the online sportsbooks and casinos industry. They took betting to the next level, making it accessible and convenient as never before. 

But no matter how obvious the advantages may be, the choice is, in any case, left to punters, namely, their capabilities and preferences. And bookmakers’ job is to offer them that freedom.