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4 celebrities you didn’t know their children are super talented

Following of some social media celebrities, we found out that their kids are getting a lot of coverage, not just because of their parents, but because of their extreme talents.

These children would definitely become famous if they continue to cultivate these talents, from singing, dancing to excellent athletic abilities and even mastering the use of musical instruments.

So who are these young super stars

1.  Cameron(Peter Okoye’s son)

Okoye ‘s son, Cameron could be identified as a child of multiple talents.


He has some killer dance steps as we all can remember his amazing show in his father and the hit song ‘Personally’ ft. his twin brother.

That does not end there, the youngster is also very good in soccer and his playing for the barcelona soccer Academy

2. Elena(Bovi’s daughter)

Unquestionably one of Nigeria’s most creative and spontaneous comedians, Bovi sculpted his name on the walls of the country’s greatest stars.

Over the years, the comedian has been channeling fantastic contents on his social media and has taken no break.

With his activities on Instagram, Bovi has been able to show the world how talented his daughter Elena is. Elena has become an Instagram sensation.

Her content on social media is so awesome that she now has a YouTube channel.

3. Olivia and Isabella(2face Idibia daughters)

2Face Idibia is another music star whose records took him beyond Africa. Any album Idibia touches transforms to gold and it separates itself from the others.

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No wonder why he seems to be moving in his children’s path, his contagious and extraordinary talent. We can’t get enough of them, two of his children seem to bear entertainment genes.

Olivia and Isabella are already developing their own niche. Isabella is already a child actor with a few ventures of Nollywood, though Olivia is a combination of performer and artist. A child actress. These children are prepared to strike themselves from any sign.

4. Jason and Janelle(Basketmouth kids)

Basketmouth can be described as the most popular and influential comedian in Nigeria.

Unlike a number of celebrities who have become popular for showing off their children on social media, Baskemouth prefers to keep things private at home.

This hasn’t stopped him from showing two of his kids’ incredible talents though.

A ride to the Instagram page of Basketmouth and you’ll be wowed at his son’s magic fingers, Jason on the keyboard and his daughter’s voice, Janelle.