Atletico Madrid defender “Renan Lodi” tests positive for Coronavirus

Renan Lodi

Atletico Madrid defender “Renan Lodi” has reportedly test positive for Covid-19 after massive squad testing this week.

The 22-year-old Atletico Madrid and Brazil’s full back player was tested along side his teammates and his result came out positive.

According to the spanish news agency EFE, the Coronavirus novel was screened for both players and personnel arriving in boots.

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Nine other Atletico players have also been found to be immune from the virus,

after showing antibodies that could have the virus and have it overcome.


They’re no longer infectious and therefore will practice with the rest of their teammates

Spain’s La Liga will be back on 20 June. The remainder will be completed within five weeks.

Atletico Madrid defender "Renan Lodi"