#Bbnaija2019 : Old video of Khafi preaching against s*x before marriage

#Bbnaija2019 : Old video of Khafi preaching against s*x before marriage

BBNaija housemate Khafi has been one of the most talked about HMs because of her multiply s*x activity with Gedoni,

A video which Khafi did years ago with one other female host stating :

’10 non-religious reasons why being celibate before marriage is the way to go’ has been the talk of the moment.




Some people tries to defend her while others say she’s none disciplined and not a keeper of her words.

See some comments below:

do2dtun : Haba! even Windows upgrades every year, meaning old things are passed away. You know the rest.

owolawitola: Obviously she changed her mind. So what?

rukewve : Wait fess o … in a conversation with Gedoni, she said she was celibate for 8 years ….. i dunno what changed it tho .,.. but maybe this video was made during that time …. #MyOpinion

ayprado06 ; Some pple don’t practice what they preach

opadez; Guess the internet never forgets

ralphlisa_collections : Aunty has forgotten she even said anything like this jawe

boyz_olorun : Can you all just leave this girl alone for heaven sake. Don’t judge her because you sin differently from her.

Anyways, Good or bad; publicity is publicity.

You all are making her more popular.