Coronavirus deaths is caused by 5G network – Dino Melaye [VIDEO]

Coronavirus deaths is caused by 5G network – Dino Melaye


The 5G network that is said to has been set up in certain parts of Nigeria is for demobilization, Dino Melaye claims

The former senator, who identified 5G as bad, said it

  • destroys the immune system,
  • affects the breathing system,
  • causes cancer and hypertension
  • and indirectly causes the death of patients with Coronavirus.

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He endorses his argument by sharing videos

where the fifth generation of wireless communications technology impacted plants that grow close to a 5G network.


Dino Melaye said such deaths are preventable by preventing 5G network rollout in the country.

His Words were : 

Whether it is true or not that they are already laying cables of 5G in Nigeria or not.

Govt must not allow it in Nigeria and should take a proactive step in that regard. 4G that is here in Nigeria sef na problem.

3G dey do everything i need i beg… We must watch out…”


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