Covid-19 Tips for Smokers in Nigeria

Forbes and Express UK has reported that smokers have a higher risk of contacting the epidemic Corona Virus.

Scientist believe smoker have a higher risk of contacting Corona Virus when compared to non-smokers and we have gathered a few tips that could help.

Covid-19 tips for smokers:

  1. No more “puff puff pass.”

  2. If you have to share, use shisha filter tips.

  3. Only smoke you should be sharing is loud. The rest are dirt cheap, roll an extra blunt for everyone.

  4. If coro comes, you and your friends might die from weak lungs.

  5. The sane advice here is for everyone to stop smoking, whether cigarettes, weed or shisha. But if you can’t, then smoke solo.

  6. If you hold the opinion that “it doesn’t bang when smoking alone,” also know that your casket will fit just one.

  7. Wash your hands after smoking.


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