Donjazzy’s mother sends message to her son’s ex-wife – Michelle

Donjazzy’s mother

Don Jazzy’s mother has spoken out after the singer revealed the secret of his unhappy marriage to his bestfriend, Michelle

Remember how the famous Nigerian singer created a stir on social media a few days ago when he shared his story about how he married Michelle at the age of 20 and divorced at the age of 22 due to his addiction to music.

Following the news, Michelle used her Instagram page to send DonJazzy a heartfelt post.

Michelle thanked Don in her message for his kind words about her in his comment about their marriage.

She did not, however, announce whether or not they would reconcile.

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Michelle’s message to Don Jazzy elicited a response from the singer’s mother Whose handle goes by the name @indianpicolo .

Indianpicolo thanked Donjazzy’s ex-wife.

In her words,

“Thanks, you deserve to be treated nice bless you. Happy Easter”.