[Gbam] Harrrysong tells fans not to cry when he dies

Nigeria singer Harrysong shared a shocking post on social media.

The 37-year-old singer shared a post on his Instagram page

talking about what should be done when he departs from this world.

In the post, the talented singer expressed that Nigerians should not cry when he dies.


He advised people to instead move on with their lives and continue to do good for those that need them.

According to him, when he dies, people should celebrate and do a concert in his honour.

He further added that people should empower more youths and live well.

Harrysong further expressed that as a celebrity,

he had lived his life and he has done his bit.

It noted that it is left to the people behind to carry on in grace.

He wrote:

“Dont cry wen i die,celebrate,put up a kingmaker concert,

empower more youths,..i have Lived..i have Done my bit,carry on in grace…

TEKERO❤ I LOVE YOU ALL.#altersoldier.”

It is no surprise that the 37-year-old would live this message for when he dies,

asking people to continue to do good for the needy.

He has been known to give out financial aid to youths on social media.