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Controversial James Chukueze Obialor, a Nigerian Drag Queen popularly called “crossdresser,” is an LGBT representer, comedian, content creator, dancer, and brand influencer.

Career / Controversy

After a video of James Brown claiming “They didn’t caught me” went viral, he gained celebrity. However, his influence on social media platforms soared as a result of this grammar mistake.

James and 57 other men were detained in 2018 during a birthday celebration at the Kelly Ann Hotel and Event Center in Egbeda, Lagos. The people who were detained, according to the police, were thought to be homosexuals.

He became well-known in the future thanks to his slogan, “They didn’t caught me.” Due of its widespread popularity, well-known American rapper 50 Cent posted the footage to his Instagram account.

Parents (Mother & Father Relationship)

The well-known “Princess of Africa,” as he is frequently called, was born on February 22, 1999, in Lagos State, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Obialor.

James Brown admitted that he didn’t have a close bond with his mother.
He claimed that after giving birth to him, his mother expressed regret and wasn’t a part of his life for almost ten years.

Even though his mother is still alive, according to the cross-dresser, she is dead to him because she did not raise him. James Brown, who is of the Igbo tribe, is proficient in Yoruba because he grew up in Lagos.

James gained notoriety in 2018 after being identified as one of 57 allegedly gay men who were detained in a Lagos hotel. James, who is a dancer and claimed he went to the bar to dance and perform, denied being gay.

After his gay arrest interview video went viral in 2018, he gained notoriety and earned the moniker “They Didn’t Caught Me.” It was stated that he was 20 years old at the time of his arrest.

HIV Status

According to reports in the media, the “crossdresser” claimed to be HIV Positive,, which he contracted from his mother at birth.

Many celebrities, like the well-known Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky, gave him money, and he got a lot of supporters.

James used the exposure to his advantage and gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

A year later, James Brown said that he only said such to help get himself released from the police.

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Is James Brown Gay or Has A Girlfriend ?

Due to his way of dressing and making up like a woman even identifying as her/She, many Nigerians believes James to be a Gay but this isn’t the case as he is actually straight and has a Girlfriend.

Inshort, A s@xt@pe video of James knacking a girl with his big pr1ck which has a very pink cap recently trended.


The Princess of Africow recently went to Uni in UK to study Business Management/Brand Management & Marketing.

House / Car

James Brown has to his name a Range Rover .

James Brown Car

James Brown Empire

James has a music record label and manages a Music Artiste who goes by the name Believe who is in a relationship with Jame’s sister Gracious .

Wiki Facts

Nickname.         James Brown

Real name.        James Chukueze Obialor

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Occupation  Gay actor, comedian, content creator, dancer, and brand influencer.

Date of birth          February 22nd, 1999.

Age.                        23 years

Place of birth.      Lagos State

Tribe                      Igbo

Nationality           Nigerian

Net worth.            $200,000

Sextuality              Straight

Social Media handles

The crossdresser is very active on his social media platforms with thousands of followers. You can connect with James Brown on social media via any of these handles:

Instagram : @wf_jamesbrown

Twitter: @wf_jamesbrown

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