Man duped girlfriend to save money to go abroad with his family

According to Wale, the true life story happened with a “Yoruba demon” named Femi who took advantage of his girlfriend’s generosity for a year and half after which he dumped her and moved out of the country with his wife.

In his illustration, Femi was married to Sade but this was unknown to his girlfriend who believed she was dating a responsible man she could call her own. Femi is said to be a staff of a reputable company in Lagos with a monthly take home salary of N300k. His girlfriend on the other was earning triple that. Which was why she had no objection when it came to sacrificing for her man, Femi to pursue his Master’s degree in America in hope for better opportunities for him in the nearest future.

Unknown to her, he was a married man and had other plans which later revealed itself. The truth came to light one day when the said girlfriend wanted to do laundry for her man, only to discover a marriage certificate as well as two passports with Canadian permanent resident visas stamped on them for Femi and his wife, Sade.

Read the touching story that buttresses a recent popular phrase on social media platforms; “men are scum” below:



How sad!

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