Mike Ezuruonye’s imposter finally exposed after he tried to scam a smart American woman (Video)

Nollywood actor Mike Ezurunoye who was a victim of internet fraudsters identity theft eventually nabbed one of the perpetrators using his data to trick unsuspecting foreigners. According to the actor, during a video session between them, the man was identified by an American woman.

Mike Ezuruonye posted a call video on his Instagram page and demanded the impostor should be arrested by EFCC, FBI, and Interpol.

The African-American woman could be heard in the video telling the scammer that she’s divorced her husband and she’s going to give him some money from her settlement.


She also revealed to the imposter, however, that she is fully aware that the profile he uses in the disguise of Mike Ezuruonye is not his.


She begged him to close the fake profiles and stop going for money after women while promising to send him money from her divorce settlement and a picture of the Monday’s divorce paper.

Listen to the video below;