MOVIE : American Wisper (2020)

MOVIE : American Wisper (2020)

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Genres: Crime , Thriller

Size : 274.91 MB

Director : Russ Emanuel

Stars: Christian Barber , Naaji Kenn , Lanisha Javon Gholston

Released Year : 2020

Language: English

Subtitle: English

‘Wisper’ is the truth about the assassination of an African American middle-class woman.

In June 2016, father and husband Josiah Wisper, a brash businessman who owned bars, restaurants and real estate in Harlem, N.Y., found three children and their mother shot to death at their suburban home in Northern New Jersey.

Josiah Wisper was eventually ruled out by law enforcement authorities as a suspect but never in the minds of those in his neighborhood, the people he had known for almost half his life.

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Josiah is increasingly embarking on a journey to find out who murdered his family.

His personal video tapes and diaries take us to relatives, acquaintances, police stations, magazines, drug dens and street-gang hangouts – all in the expectation that the answers needed to solve this horrific crime will be brought together.

The “on-camera” journey of Wisper takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions leading to a surprising end – and the ultimate discovery by Josiah of what it takes to be a man.

‘Wisper’ was inspired by a true story.

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