Nigerian Comedian “Ada Jesus” confirmed dead after Kidney failure

Ada Jesus dead

Mercy Nmesoma Obi, well known as “Ada Jesus”, a Nigerian comedian, has been confirmed dead, according to the BBC

Harrison Gwamnishu, the man in charge of the Nigerians who transported Ada Jesus to the hospital, announced her death to BBC Pidgin on Wednesday afternoon.

In Gwamnishu’s words :

 “She has died.”

After pleading for forgiveness from Prophet Odumeje, a renowned Anambra Prophet, and veteran actress Rita Edochie, the 27-year-old made headlines.

Prophet Odumejeje revealed four days ago that he had forgiven Ada Jesus for the allegations she leveled against him, and that he had offered her family 1 million Naira to contribute to her care.

Prophet Odumeje was accused by Ada Jesus of conspiring with actress Rita Edochie and others.


Prophet Odumeje had been accused by Ada Jesus of conspiring with actress Rita Edochie and others to stage miracles.

Many people assumed it was because of her outburst against the Prophet that she eventually developed kidney failure and was confined to a wheelchair.


Her family took her to Odumejeje’s church to demand forgiveness as her health began to deteriorate.

Odumeje had previously stated that he would not forgive her until she provided those with whom she says he conspired to stage miracles.

However, Rita Edochie who Ada Jesus also plead for forgiveness from, said Ada will not recover from her illness.

Unfortunately, Ada passed away early Wednesday morning at Zenith Hospital, where she was being treated.