Nigerians attack FBI for listing 6 Nigerians among most wanted cyber criminals

It’s another twist again as 6 Nigerians have been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) among the cybercriminals they are currently on the search for.

The U.S. domestic intelligence and security service took their account on the popular microsite, Twitter to share a tweet to create public awareness to help them search for the six Nigerians.

They did this by posting those Nigerians’ pictures and names.

The Nigerian names are, Richard Uzuh, Alex Ogunshakin, Felix Okpoh, Abiola Kayode, Nnamdi Benson and Micheal Olorunyomi.

The FBI claimed they were wanted for their participation in Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes resulting in scamming of more than $6 million.


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Meanwhile, Nigerians are not pleased with the fact that they used the Nigerians as a poster boy for the tweet, because they were 39 people of Arab descent, 16 Russians, 20 Chinese / Southeast Asian guys that were also linked to the same crime in the complete list.

Nigerians took to Twitter to express their reactions to the fact that the Nigerians were not to be used as the headline.

See below for the reactions: