OMG!! Dubai police finally shared the video of how hushpuppi was arrested

HushPuppi and Woodberry arrested in Dubai

The Dubai police have released a video showing how they arrested Hushpuppi who is accused of fraud in their country.

Meanwhile, Ogbeni Dipo, a popular Twitter user, has wondered how humans find it easy to celebrate people with unexplained money.

His post comes hours after Hushpuppi ‘s news of his arrest emerged.

He wrote; “Soo many young people don’t want to do the hard work. They just want to drive the latest Benz, date the most beautiful girls or guys and enjoy life without any serious legit work.

“How does a young man have so many expensive cars and clothing items and accessories without a known proper job? I know I don’t have money and you can insult me but it will never make sense to me how people continue to famz and celebrate people with crazy unexplained wealth”.

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Hushpuppi was picked up in Dubai by Interpol over a fraud perpetrated on some state’s unemployment insurance scheme in the US.

Watch Video below;