Oyemykke apologize to DJ Cuppy for saying she cannot sing [video]

Oyemykke apologize to DJ Cuppy for saying she cannot sing

This shrill, unkind correction doled out by Oyemykke was met with a lot of frowns from people who appreciated the singer.

They did not like that he had lambasted her in such a careless manner.

For some months, Oyemykke did not say anything about the video nor did he show any form of remorse.


But now, the Instagram comedian has come out to tender a public apology to DJ Cuppy.

According to Oyemykke, after watching the video again, it finally dawned on him that he had addressed DJ Cuppy in an offensive way.

This mistake of his had been haunting his mind for quite a while.

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To free his mind from the guilt of his action, Oyemykke took to his page to do another video.

This time, he was not shouting or raising insults at the singer, rather, he was penitently apologising to her.

Just so he could back up his claim of being sorry, the comedian wrote a caption that showed his repentance and full fledged support of the singer.

See his post below:

Oyemykke apologize to DJ Cuppy for saying she cannot sing

“Towards the end of 2018 I made a video that went viral discrediting DJ CUPPYs Music.

Originally I made that video from my heart because I believed it was a correctional video but I’ve watched the video over & I feel like the Process / tone at which the message was sent to someone I had affiliate to was disgusting.

“This mistake has been eating me up for over 2 months & everyday till now I’ve not been able to crush the thoughts. . .

“To her entire team of hard working women , her amazing family and anyone who my words must have offended out there I’m sorry.

I have always been your fan & I’ll remain that Cuppy.

I believe in little beginnings and that video was the complete opposite of what I preach everyday , I got carried away .

“On behalf of myself & my platform I apologise to you & your family.

The world is yours & once again I’m deeply sorry.”

This apologetic message caught the eyes of quite a number of people so that many were pushed to give their opinion of the matter.

See some of the reactions below:

suited_gq: “so the moral of the story is, you can only give constructive creative criticism to male musician not female musician, cause u have a daughter.

I’m confused ‍♂️ cus to me you never did anything wrong u just simple stated the fact. I bet you, if her dad wasn’t a billionaire this wouldn’t even be a conversation. Then again money talks.”

lovelyntalented2: “Very good.I was seriously mad at you for that video too and left a foul comment on your post.So as a @cuppymusic fan,me sef forgive you.”

truthonehundred: “@dorcasdaduchess You are correct. Truth is i learn more from observing the actions of others and reflecting on that which have been said and done.

What i already know does not interest me. You have thought me something new today.”

pompeyg: “I think this guy is going places … he’s very strategic and unpredictable at the same time but Cuppy can’t sing though ”

Recently, Oyemykke took to addressing a very important issue about social media. He begged many of his fans not to yield to the pressure mounted on them by people displaying their lavish lifestyles on online platforms.

Oyemykke apologize to DJ Cuppy for saying she cannot sing