Pharmacist dies after drinking medicine he made to treat Coronavirus

Pharmacist dies after drinking medicine he made to treat Coronavirus

A Pharmacist have dies after drinking his own made medicine to treat Coronavirus

The 47-years-old is by name K. Sivanesan and from India.

Sivanesan worked with Chennai-based Sujatha Biotech, an Ayurvedic and herbal product Company that was founded 30 years ago.

While he died on the spot, his colleague an ophthamologist who also took the product was quickly hospitalised after he fainted.

The two men took the chemical mixture of nitric oxide and sodium nitrate at a home in southern Chennai city.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police,Ashok Kumar said;

“Our investigation revealed that Sivanesan died after drinking the preparation

he claimed would help COVID-19 patients.

His managing director fainted after tasting it initially.

Further investigation is on.”

N.S.Vasan, designer-cum-media manager of the company said;

“Due to the lockdown,

Sivanesan stayed in the city and one day told us he heard of some medicine from U.S.

President Donald Trump’s recent speech for curing Coronavirus.

He said it would bring more immunity and help to prevent COVID-19.

Deciding to test the effect of the medicine, he went to Parry’s Corner and bought the powder.

Sivanesan must have taken a heavy dosage of the ‘drug’ and he was killed instantly.

“All our products are ayurvedic. We used to test only herbal products.

This was a chemical product that Sivanesan was testing though, and possibly for the first time ever.”

Currently, India has over 60,000 confirmed cases of the deadly virus and has killed more than 300,000 worldwide.