#Relationship : Be in charge of your feelings – Liutenant Dheynhiz

Be in charge of your feelings

You see, because you have the feelings of love for someone doesn’t mean you must date them.

Be intentional about going into a relationship, don’t just be emotional.

If you’re all an emotional person, you’ll never be sensible.

It’s just like buying things on impulse.

It’s so wrong to get into a relationship because of just feelings which is why many young people fail in relationships today.


  • °They don’t understand that sometimes you’ll catch feelings for people you can’t be together with.
  • Sometimes you’ll catch feelings for people that negate your values.
  • The feelings alone do not validate being in a relationship with them.

Feelings never made a relationship work so never make it your motivation.

  •  Not all feelings are meant to be fostered.
  • Be in charge of your feelings.

Love is a voluntary feeling and decision.

You might carelessly get emotional with someone you shouldn’t be with but you’ve got to slap yourself to order.

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Do you know how many women I’ve had feelings for?

If I dated all of them, I would have tens, if not hundreds of exes.

Yes, because anything can spark feelings; even things such as voice, looks, and superficial gestures.

Anything can make you have feelings..
But whatever you feel, remember feelings are not COMPATIBILITY.

No matter how much you feel for the wrong person, it cannot transform them to the right person.

Logic is also needed in love.

If you leave it all to feelings, you’ll mess your life up because sometimes you’ll find yourself feeling for someone you shouldn’t even be together with.

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Written By Liutenant Dheynhiz