Revelation Church Dedicates $8.7M New Worship Centre

Revelation Church Dedicates $8.7M New Worship Centre: On Sunday 7th of February 2021 the new headquarters and worship center of the Revelation Church of Jesus Christ (RCJC) aka Revelation Church LA was officially dedicated and opened. It was declared open for church activities by our founder and head pastor, Prophet Lovy L.

Revelation Church Of Jesus Christ
Revelation Church

Elias with a dedication and healing service. The church’s new home was recently purchased in a deal valued at $8,007,500 from the former owners Real Life Christian Ministries in a deal handled by ‘Future ins-site Realty’. The building is located at 580 E Easy St Simi Valley, California. With this development Revelation Church moved out of the shared church facility in Van Nuys, California which they were previously leasing.
RCJC was founded in 2013 by Pastor Lovy Elias as a prayer group in his living room. What started with nine people as a weekly Bible study group has grown with over 400 members and thousands more dedicated to their online community today.
Revelation Church LA is committed to its core principles of building stronger families through biblical and practical education, strategic partnerships to provide food assistance, family counseling services, leadership training rooted in revelatory teaching, bringing deliverance to people who are oppressed, need healing and love.