What started as a prayer group with just a few people gathering weekly has morphed into a fellowship of believers. Founded in his living room in 2013 by Prophet Lovy L. Elias, ‘The REVELATION CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST’ (RCJC) has grown in leaps and bounds since inception.

The prayer group which began with nine people, subsequently transitioned into a weekly bible study and eventually grew to 130 people crowding into the home each week. From just a few people congregating in prayer and praise worship, it has grown to thousands of people joining in prayers and worship services from all over the world. It has quickly
became a place where people encountered God and received comfort, advice, coaching, healing and solution to various problems.

In mid-2016, the bible study was moved to a shared church facility in Van Nuys, California and in 2017, the began to operate as a non profit organization and become formally known as The Revelation Church of Jesus Christ a.k.a. Revelation Church LA. It has continued to grow with more than 400 dedicated physical members who attend services weekly and hundreds of thousands more who are part of her online community.

The church operated out of the shared facility till 2020 when they began seeking to acquire a place to serve as their headquarters and worship center. In January 2021, Revelation Church LA purchased an $8M, 45,245 sq facility in Simi Valley, CA. The church then moved its headquarters to its new building in January and it was opened in grand style with a dedication and healing service on the 7th of February 2021.

Revelation Church LA is building stronger families through biblical and practical education, referral services, strategic partnerships to provide food assistance, family counseling services, financial classes, leadership training, and is rooted in prophetic revelatory teaching, bringing deliverance to people who are oppressed, need healing, joy, and miracles.