Soldiers and police officer exchange fire after mistaking themselves for terrorists

Soldiers and police officer


Soldiers and a Policeman reportedly fire at themselves after the parties mistook the other part for terrorists

The incident which happened in Bura, Garissa County of Kenya involved (3 individuals), two Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers and a police.

Constable Emmanuel Ngao who is the police officer was challenged by Senior Private David Mbugua and Jeremy Malusi (the soldiers).

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A police report read,


“Constable Emmanuel Ngao was challenged by KDF soldiers, Senior Private Jeremy Malusi and David Mbugua.

He mistook the officers to be militants, he shot and seriously injured them.

The soldiers fired back and the policeman was injured on his leg.

The three officers sustained gunshot injuries and were taken to Bura East Sub-County Hospital and are in critical condition.”