The reason you are not successful is because of your low IQ – Fans blasts Jaywon

Part of those who was blasted on social media include talented singer, Jaywon.

The father-of-one on Tuesday, September 11, exchanged words with one of his Twitter followers.

This got the extent of both parties hurling words at each other.

Jaywon got insulted for saying he sees nothing wrong in a young lady’s picture.


The Twitter user who goes by the name Xhaka Laca Boom (@Mayoral_OP) accused the singer of having low IQ and that’s why his career is dead.

Jaywon said:

“I really don’t see anything wrong with what Beverly Osu did.

It’s left for her and God to judge but Nigerians always like to judge people once religion is involve.

Leave your life and let others do their thing.

The consequences are for them and not you.”

The Twitter user replied saying:

“One of the major reasons you weren’t successful at music was because you have a very low IQ…

Resurrect your career first.”