Tolibian Biography, Songs, Age, Record Label and Net worth

Tolibian Biography

Tolibian Biography

Real Names “Abubakar Abdulmutolib Ottan” popularly Tolibian is a Nigerian comedian, singer, and songwriter who was born in the year 2000 in the city of Ilorin in the state of Kwara Nigeria.

Birth Name: Abubakar Abdulmutolib Ottan
Age 21
 Record Label TCA Entertainment
State of Origin Kwara State
Music Genre
  • Afrobeat
  • Acapella,
  • Apala
  • Hiphop
  • Amapianos

Music Career

Tolibian is an enthusiastic performer with a quality sound in Afrobeat, Acapella, Apala, Hiphop, and Amapianos.

Abubakar aka Tolibian first gained attention online in 2019, and he has remained consistent with his craft since then.

Tolibian is known for the uniqueness in his music, such as Malaysia, Shower Your Blessings, End SARS, A December to Remember, Lori Iro,Abaya Palava just to mention a few and they have been making waves online on various platforms.


Record Label

Tolibian was signed to TCA Entertainment in February 2021, a record label owned by one of the fastest emerging Instagram influencers and content creators, “The Cute Abiola” .

However, this was a significant breakthrough for this young gifted musician, bringing a lot of attention to his craft and brand.

Tolibian and The Cute Abiola
Tolibian and The Cute Abiola
Tolibian New Songs
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  • What is Tolibian Real Names

Answer – Abubakar Abdulmutolib Ottan

  • Is Tolibian a singer or a comedian

Answer – Tolibian is both a singer and a comedian .

  • Who is The Cute Abiola to Tolibian

Answer – The Cute Abiola is Tolibian Signer.

  • What is Tolibian Networth

Answer – Tolibian’s  Net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 – $600,000

  • Tolibian Record Label

Answer – Tolibian is currently signed to TCA Entertainment and also has his own Label which is named after him.

  • Who is Tolibian girlfriend :

Answer – N/A

  • Where is Tolibian from ?

Kwara State

  • How old is Tolibian ?

21, Tolibian was born in the year 2000

See More Photos of Tolibian :

Tolibian - Thuma Sabila

Tolibian and The Cute Abiola


Tolibian Biography Tolibian Biography Tolibian Biography Tolibian Biography

Tolibian Networth


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