“We track am he sitdown e dey fear” Davido PA Aloma goes after Burna Boy [VIDEO]

Davido PA Aloma

Aloma, Davido’s PA opens up on how he went after Burna Boy and tracked him down

Just recently, A fight for supremacy between Burna Boy and Daido started after Davido called himself and Wizkid the two GOATS.

Burna Boy bashed him by using a football phrase saying Davido’s father bought his position for him as he for real can’t play,

However, David didn’t reply him as he kept mute on the matter and asked his team mates too not to say anything but Aloma could’t keep the cool again so he went after Burna Boy.

Explaining the story of how he tracked Burna Boy down in a live video, Aloma said,

He go barock, we track am for there, he no talk anything.

4hrs e dey fear.

Davido call me from Atlanta, “Aloma what are you doing, are you stupid,

You have to leave that place now”

This person wey una, wey dey talk rubbish for online.

I get videos wey Burna boy, Omo………

No I want make dem post.

See I don beg David, I no say all this, David go vex for me.

If you fvck with the hands that feed me, Ama come for you.

Watch Video below :