Tycoon HangOut With Entmediahub

Tycoon hang out with entmediahub
Tycoon hang out with entmediahub

Tycoon HangOut With Entmediahub

Tycoon is a fast rising Nigerian artist who has dropped songs like Nsogbu & Ina Amuamu,
He recently did a cover to Yung6ix’s song Ina The Benz (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)
We were able to interview him on Hang Out With Entmediahub (H.O.W.E)


Entmediahub : Good evening and welcome to H.O.W entmediahub
Tycoon : Thank you. It’s my pleasure to be here

Entmediahub : Alright let’s start by your name, What are your real names?

Tycoon : My real names are Egbulem Onyekachi Henry Bobby

Entmediahub : How did you come about your stage name?

I mean Tycoon

Tycoon : Wow.. it was way back when I was still in Secondary School, me and my team was researching on names we could bear…. Tycoon wasnt even the ideal name I wanted. I chose so many names then such as DOGDAYS, PRIM etc

Entmediahub : Oww ok, so why did you settle down for Tycoon


Tycoon : I settled with Tycoon cos it was like after few days I woke up and started making freestyles and made lines like “am the musical tycoon, my flows are rich food better eat with long spoon” since then am like wow my name is Tycoon aka Tyzzy… since then thats it.

thats how I got the name TYCOON

Entmediahub : Sounds cool.

Tycoon : thanks

Entmediahub : How long have you been doing music?

Tycoon : well… I can say that I started rapping at a very young age like 9 years

so i have been in the industry fully as a recognized artiste for 4 years

Entmediahub : Alright.

Who is/Are your favorite artists in Nigeria and role model(s)

lets start with my favourite Nigerian artistes

Entmediahub : Ok tell us.

Tycoon : Okk..The first is Wizkid, Yung6ix,Phyno, Ice Prince, Olamide and I like Tiwa Savage too.. I like Dagrin but he is gone and Fela too..

And I enjoy others like Davido, Peruzzi, 2face, Erigga, Mr Raw

Entmediahub : Ow that’s a lot.
Let’s just say you are a fan of good music then.

Yeah.. I really really love nice sounds

Entmediahub : Ok, So apart from music, what else do you do?

Tycoon : Well. my Naija idols tho not that much.. ehhm Give me Wizkid,Yung6ix, Phyno and Olamide

oops… Apart from Music.. What I do….

Entmediahub : Yes.
Or you don’t want to talk about it?

Tycoon : cool…okay. For now work no dey but am working as Computer Operator to support my musical career while I wait to enter Naija University

Entmediahub : Alright.

What record label do you look upto? As in record label you wish to be signed to?

 Chooo!!! I love this

Number One..Starboy but seems impossible cos Wiz signs only singers tho, two Billionaire Circle.. Three DMW, PentHauze and finally the almighty YBNL

Entmediahub : If you have the opportunity to feature an artist and also have a video shot for the song of which the artist will appear in, who would you go for?

Tycoon : Now.. am taking Wiz or 6ix

Entmediahub Ok,
You own hp crew right?
Is it a record label or just a group?
Tell us about it

Tycoon : HP Crew is a record label.

Entmediahub : How many artists do you have in it

I got the name HP from my big bro’s HK.. it was formally HPBHR till I changed it to HP Entertainment. Well There are six good artists in itand me 7

Entmediahub : That’s a big family 

Tycoon : WE are called HP Soldiers.. lol

the only thing we are lacking now is a female artiste

Entmediahub : They are a lot out there you just haven’t looked for them.

well.. still working on that shaa

will soon come

Entmediahub : Alright.

When should we be expecting another hit song from you

Tycoon : I’m working on it. it might be December or next year.. I just dropped my Ina The benz Cover yesterday.. For am working on a project and am also in a Rap Battle at Anambra State on 7th Dec.. so many things dey this head right..

I no wan drop whack song.. so I will relax and make a new jam soon

Entmediahub : Alright, we trust you.

Tycoon : thanks dear

Entmediahub : Should we expect album from you soon?

Tycoon : soon,

soon might be next two years lol

well by God’s Grace but I have thought of it but not now…

am not giving my fam the assurance for now

Entmediahub : Let’s round up.
Last words for your fans?

Tycoon : well my last words for them is

that they should expect something different and new in my next jam.. that will be a massive hit, am assuring them.. They brought me this far, am am going to make them more happier… Keep supporting the movement

I’m ever ready to make them Proud, shout out to my number dude Okotie 1. I see U bro

Entmediahub : It was fun having you on our hang out.
Have a good night

Tycoon : Thanks Entmediahub for having.. I really enjoyed my night

One Love. Its your boy Tycoon
Tycoon HangOut With Entmediahub  The End…………………………………………………………………

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