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As symptoms are showing 2019 Election gonna be violence one, because right from now many political violence are arising across the country, and there are several warnings from some youths to political leaders. This is the main reason why bring out this issue let vote not fight, let vote not war.
Vote not fight, election is a civic Education and voter enlightenment program designed to promote peaceful elections in Nigeria. Through elections we choose leaders, young people are been enlightened to participate during the election. Elections meant to be free and fair that one is for the olden days, nowadays Elections has turn to something else our leaders our elders where are they leading us to. Vote not fight, campaign field has turned to war field where one political party blast others. Now I see political is nothing than business, if it’s not business why fighting each other blasting others.
Just take a look at other countries out there, did you know how many political parties are in Nigeria what is the matter, is it not to rule ehn why are you people so dumb like this they gave you weapons to fight your fellow brothers while their own children’s are enjoying out there flexing, roaming from one country to the other.
Vote not fight, campaign is not war your votes is too precious don’t exchange it for cash or crumbs wake up. Even though someone may offer you money, weapons, alcohol for your vote don’t put a price on your integrity, and selling your votes is not only illegal it’s rather sad. They all want election violence, let keep the peace by voting not fighting, when you engage in violence you throw away your dreams and the dreams of those you care about.
ELECTION no be war

Entmediahub Team

Hopes Is Alive Foundation