Who are #Benefitsboys and why they are trending [FULL GIST]


Who are #Benefitsboys

Benefits Boys are senior secondary School (ss3) boys who joined Yahoo and other online illegal activities during the covid-19 lockdown.

Why are #Benefitsboys trending

Benefit Boys are currently trending because school has resumed and they came back with flashy lifestyle, disrespecting teachers and dashing out money.

Some set of boys in particular are currently trending after they posted videos of them in their car taking an acclaimed teacher home.

Also circulating are pictures with the teacher where one of them held iPhone and the other had car keys and matching the said teacher.

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However the boys have spoken out saying they’re not actually benefits boys as circulating and rather comedians, they go by the username @blackandwhitecomedy60 on Instagram.

See Photos and Video below :



Below are some Reactions to the #Benefitsboys Trend

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