Wizkid’s 1st Babymama leak chats she had with him – “He Shows Fake Love” [She said]

Shola the mother of Wizkid’s First son (Boluwatife) is at it again

After her recent post about Wizkid not taking up his responsibilities as a father/babydaddy,


She come out to share her chats with the Starboy.


In their chat Wizkid told Shola that he wants to see his son ‘Boluwatifethe next day and nothing more

the Babymama was surprise at the direct chat asking about Tife without him showing any concern towards their well being

but Wizkid went straight to make it clear that Tife his son is the only conversation they both have together.

Shola also shares her chronicle of ordeal in Wizkid’s hand,

how he has been treating her and his son ‘Boluwatife‘ and how she has been enduring his attitude just because of her son.

With her struggle just to make sure she and her son live good and survive,

she even said Wizkid’s reaction & how he ignored them when she reached out to him for assistance in order to get a car for herself and Bolu’s movement on the Starboy’s birthday.

See chats and full details below.