WOW !!! Man buys 1000 chickens online for N550 [SEE HOW]

WOW !!! Man buys 1000 chickens online for N550


WOW !!! Man buys 1000 chickens online for N550 [SEE HOW]

A man was left suprise as he only had the intention of buying 2 chickens buy got 1000 of it instead.

He goes by the name Steve Morrow and he’s from Zealand .

Steve said he already had 10 chickens,

So on seeing an advert for urgent sale on his country’s biggest auction website he decided to get a few .

The ads with Steve saw reads :

“For urgent sale is one 1,000 — bird mixed age flock of Brown Shavers and Highlines.

As a matter of urgency, we need to move approximately 1000 hens,”

According to him, he put in an auto bid for $20 (N7250) thinking he could at least get two hens

but by Sunday morning he discovered that he had actually won the auction for $1.5 (N550)

Steve Said :

“When the auction closed, I thought ‘this is great’, I could take as many birds as I wanted.

But when I spoke to the man and he said it was for 1000 hens…holy moly, I was stunned,”.

The owner of the farm Matthew Blomfield, said Steve should be given credit for following through with the sale and trying to find homes for the hens.

When he received the birds he wasn’t sure of what to do next,

So he posted on a Facebook urgently asking for help and within hours,

he received thousands of replies from people across the country offering to lend a hand.