7 Warm TV Series That Will Cheer You Up in the Fall

Warm TV Series

Fall has come, and the weather outside the window is getting sadder by the day.

But we have collected seven different TV series that will brighten up the September moping and warm up no worse than a huge win at 22Bet, a cup of warm tea or coffee.

Love Life

A pleasant and cozy series that stands out sharply in our dramatic times. In the first season, Anna Kendrick plays a romantic person in active search of a soul mate.

Each episode is a new relationship
in which Darby is revealed from many different sides.

In the second season, Marcus Watkins gets better after the breakup.

The creators of the series perfectly manage to portray all the versatility of personal life, no matter who was the main character of the story: there are awkward dates, hot nights, and languishing in anticipation of a message from a man who liked, and real scandals.


The vivid story of Julia Child, whose cooking shows changed American television. The lead role in
the biographical dramedy was played by Sarah Lancashire.

Julia Child once worked in American
intelligence, but rose to fame as the host of the groundbreaking cooking show “The French Chef.”

“Julia” is a charming and lighthearted project. In the process of cooking, the viewer can hardly expect
any surprises, but sometimes a simple dish without secret ingredients can please, right?

Especially since you can take out a couple of good recipes from the show and repeat them to the delight of all the


If you move into an old house, the chances of finding some kind of ghost are extremely high — literature and movies teach us that.

But what if there are almost a dozen ghosts? So journalist Samantha inherits a dilapidated mansion.

After persuading her boyfriend Jay to turn it into a hotel, she faces opposition from colorful ghosts from different eras — a Viking, a hippie, a jazz singer, a yuppie without pants, and so on.

They aren’t scary, but cute and eccentric, so it’s hard not to succumb to their deadly charm.

But many of them have never heard anything about personal boundaries and don’t always know how to properly
communicate their desires, but with this, as the series quite accurately shows, in general, there are problems in the world of the living.

They compete with each other for Samantha’s attention and do some cute pranks.


A sarcastic show about 80s sitcom star Valerie Cherish, who tries with varying success to regain her popularity and get back on the screen.

She tries to work on her own reality show and participate in a new series, but nothing good works out: modern television with the cult of youth and a lot of one-day stars doesn’t want to take back the former favorite.

“Comeback” is created with the support of Michael Patrick King, showrunner of “Sex and the City”.

This project turned out to be more chamber-like and doesn’t aspire to be a bible for fashionistas.

It’s a small show of one actress, which besides directly ironizes and laughs at television, where hypocrisy, sexism and ageism reign supreme.

But there is some charm in the project, and Lisa is good in the role of a feisty star whose best days are long behind her.


A project that helps you get rid of complexes and love yourself even more.

The heroine of “Shrill” is a modest and shy employee of a media company named Annie Easton. She dreams of writing columns, but her toxic boss, who makes sexist comments every now and then, only trusts her with a second-rate
calendar column.

To top it all off, she’s overweight and has trouble getting relationships.

Because of her insecurities, she agrees to have sex without commitment with an outright loser, but it brings no joy.

But one day Annie decides to take fate into her own hands: she takes out new
interesting editorial assignments for herself, sets boundaries in her personal relationships and expresses to the world and her demanding parents everything that she has long held inside. And wow,
it works because people often look at us through our own eyes.

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Dramedy with the brilliant Jean Smart about the hard life of a standup star. Her character Deborah Vance is the queen of Las Vegas.

She gathers full halls for many years, she is expected everywhere: at performances in casinos, in commercials for TV stores and at the opening of a new pizzeria.

However, at some point, and this fame passes — the youth, which brings the most money, doesn’t want to hear jokes from a century ago.

To regain her former popularity, Deborah needs to hire an author to
revitalize her material. The choice falls on Ava — a 25-year-old comedienne from Los Angeles, whose career is going
through bad times.

At first, the heroines, belonging to two completely different generations, find it
difficult to find a common language.

However, joint work and several different incidents help them
get closer.

They develop a warm relationship, almost like mother and daughter.