A facebook user writes an open letter to Yahoo Boys

A facebook user with name ‘Dat Kulqee’ took to his facebook to write down a letter to yahoo boys & girls,

Read what he wrote below


Hello brothers and sisters, I am glad to write you una. I won’t wanna talk so long, so I’ll try cut it short.

We all know say na the condition of naija carry una enter yahoo. If everything been green as e suppose dey, this kind thing for no dey.

So I have this proposal to make. In as much as the masses ain’t against you guys at least we try so hard to understand, can you guys do us these two favours?

1. Stop Yahoo Plus.

We no like as we the loose our fine fine girls them to death or madness Biko. Let’s make this money void of blood shed… Even the girl you slept with and killed is doing that business just to survive in this horrible country. E no make sense if una the stop them from hustling too…

FUCK and pay them, and stop killing or using them for rituals Biko…

2. We all know say crime no good and it can’t be condoled for long. We go like if una go try make legal investments when una begin the get pay so we won’t have EFCC insulting una or stopping una from shaking clubs and making the town have fun. Abeg once una blow, can you guys make legal investments?

There alot of businesses you can start and will never have to answer questions of whats your source of income… Dat Kulqee can help you through with setting up these businesses if called to do so…

I no know how una go see this letter but please see it from the view of your loving mum or sister advicing you…

If I don’t give a fuck, i for no write this letter… I care about we youths and our successes and that why…

I Pray una go think about am.

What do you think?