[COMING SOON] Entmediahub artists of year 

It’s gonna be fun,
Winner will get his/her next to drop 3 songs promoted on 10+ websites and cover art will be done for each for free.
Registration is 2000 naira for artists whose song aren’t on so the song to be contested with can be uploaded on our platform before the contest starts,
But free if you have a song of you already on posted by Libra_Cfa.
You can start messaging now if you want to be part.
Whatsapp : 08148032042
Fb/Ig/Twitter @entmediahub
*Stage name
*The title of the song
*Music genre
*The song link ( links only)
If you don’t have a song already on 
message us using any of the above contacts with “Interested in the Entmediahub artist contest”
Registration last till May 31st