Homosexual Police and Partner Caught In The Act – Brutally Beaten

Homosexual in imo

Homosexual Police and Partner Caught In The Act – Brutally Beaten [FULL GIST]

Although the law banishes homosexual marriage and any form of homosexuality in Nigeria,

a policeman and his intimate friend were alleged to have committed the crime and caught in an Imo state town.

Obialor Freeman wrote on Facebook of the incident that took place in Umueze, Orlu Local Government Area.

These two men were allegedly taken away by Umueze, Orlu, after a tip-off.

The other wife, however, is a son of a famous local photographer,


While one is a policeman in Umugboga, Amike, Orlu, local government.

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The poster claimed that the same police officer with his colleagues had threatened and collected bribe from a driver earlier that day.

His words were :

“This particular police officer with his colleagues chased a man driving with his car to our shop this afternoon,

threatened to shoot him if he moves an inch.

After a few discussions, they took a bribe of almost 5k from him and left.

But this evening he was caught having s*x with his fellow man,” Obialor wrote.

“They were caught red-handed by security men of Umueze Autonomous community, Orlu, after tracing them to where they had the s*x.

“According to them,

‘immediately we entered the house, the police officer took down his trousers and pulled off his shirts,

bend over and the yellow guy started f****g him.

“Immediately they (the security officers) broke in and arrested them.

And took them down to the community hall. Tortured them really good.”

Obialor said some lovemaking objects were found and confiscated.

According to Obialor, the two love birds were not passed on,

even after the police arrived and requested their release, to the Nigerian Police.

“The objects seized from them are; 3 sachet of cond*ms, separate labels, and the Id Card of the police official.”

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