Kenyan richest man gets buried while seated in his car because he wants to drive it in Heaven

Not long ago, a man was buried with $55,000 per demands of his will as he wishes to bribe God when he gets to heaven gates. Social Media was set buzzing with such insanity.

VIEW HERE: Man buried with $55,000 to bribe God in heaven

Well, a similar thing has happened in Kenya. This time round his request was that his Benz should be buried with him as he wishes to drive it in heaven.

Information reaching us has it that Mr. Thomas Muibo is rich business tycoon who recently passed at the age 79 years and like every well educated senior citizen, he left a Will to see to the distribution of his properties.

But there is a clause specifically written in the Will that instructs his relatives to bury him in his favorite Benz as he wishes to continue riding it in heaven.


As ridiculous at it may look, the relatives saw to the fulfillment of that demand in the Will during the burial of Mr. Thomas Muibo.

Speaking to the Media present at the funeral, Mr. Isaac Muibo the eldest son of Mr. Thomas Muibo explained that, that request is the request of a dead man and despite agitation from other members of their relatives, he can’t disregard the command.